Wednesday, 21 July 2010

August's edition of 'Flick's Flicks' is here!

I mentioned yesterday that Monday morning saw me recording next month's edition of the Picturehouse preview show 'Flick's Flicks'. Well its director and editor, James Tucker, has been super quick off the mark this month and has already put the finished show up online. I feel like it is an improvement on my first (the July episode).

I now only have one more episode to present before the rather more photogenic Felicity Beckett gets back from maternity leave. So watch this space for the September edition of the show.

Also, 'Giant Sand' were pretty awesome last night. They sound a bit like every Dylan record since Time Out of Mind, but much better (and a damn site better than Dylan was in Cardiff a few years ago - I want my money back Bob!). To make things even better, the singer-songwriter, Howe Gelb, bought me a pint after the gig. Which was nice.

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