Friday, 19 February 2010

A good year for British film?

Jon Barrenechea, of Splendor Cinema, is back in the country now after attending the Berlin Film Festival. So expect a new edition of our podcast within the next week. We will, of course, be covering the highs and lows of Jon's time in Berlin, as well as looking at the winners and losers from the BAFTA award ceremony this weekend.

Personally, I'm hoping Armando Iannucci's sublime satirical debut feature 'In the Loop' (Iannucci and cast members pictured above) wins the award for 'Outstanding British Film', which is arguably the ceremonies most interesting category this year with the others being very similar to recent award shortlists in terms of the films nominated. With that category also featuring nominations for the low-budget Sci-fi 'Moon', Andrea Arnold's 'Fish Tank', Sam Taylor-Wood's John Lennon biopic 'Nowhere Boy' and the multi Oscar-nominated 'An Education' (which being nominated for the overall Best Film prize, must be the favourite here?) it looks like a decent year for British film, especially considering that films of the quality of 'Looking for Eric' and 'Sleep Furiously' failed to make the shortlist.

Finally, my good friend Dennis at Wrapped in Brown Paper has written a cracking review of a recent British crime film I have never heard of called 'Tony'. He highly recommends it and it's worth checking out his review if you are interested in British independent cinema or the crime genre in general. Apparently it's available on DVD and on the strength of Dennis's review it maybe one to check out soon.

Watch this space for the next Splendor Cinema/Duke of York's podcast!

Support Armando and co by watching the BAFTAs award ceremony in full on BBC1, Sunday the 21st February at 21.00.

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