Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The latest Splendor podcast is up...

As the title says, the latest Splendor Cinema/Duke of York's podcast is now on the right-hand side of this very blog. You can also now listen to it on the Duke of York's Picturehouse official website, where it can be streamed at your will. It should be up on iTunes in the near future, but (as is so often the case) there has been a hitch there for the time being.

This time Jon and I discuss the recent BAFTAs, the Berlin Film Festival and we also take a look at a couple of upcoming features: 'Amelie' director Jean-Pierre Jeunet's 'Micmacs' and Michael Moore's latest documentary, 'Capitalism: A Love Story'.

The podcast is now hosted by the Picturehouse website, but thanks must go to Eurogamer's Craig Munroe, who heroically hosted the first four editions out of the kindness of his own heart. Thanks Craig!

Finally, Dennis at Wrapped in Brown Paper has published his review of 'The Lovely Bones', so check that out!

Both 'Micmacs' and 'Capitalism: A Love Story' can be seen at the Duke of York's Picturehouse from Friday 26th of February.

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