Thursday, 8 September 2011

Report on New Epson Projectors from IFA

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I spent the tail end of last week in Berlin for the annual IFA technology show at the invitation of Epson. The famed printer company were keen to show off their new range of home cinema projectors and I've written up a report on the very same for What Culture.

I'm not really a technology journalist so I'm not sure if what I've written is of any use/interest to anybody, but hopefully some of you out there are interested in how you watch movies as well as the movies themselves. Having said that, I'd certainly be up for going to IFA again next year because there was a lot of interesting stuff to see even for someone with relatively little interest in consumer electronics.

Sony showed off their Playstation TV, which is a pretty ingenious entry level 3D LCD that enables gamers to play multiplayer games against mates on the same telly with each retaining the full screen. Basically (and I find this difficult to explain) 3D TVs send out two signals, usually broadcasting slightly different versions of the same image. Sony's TV uses the same principle, but sends two completely different images out (one for each players game screen), in effect: player one is playing on the left eye channel and player two on the right eye, with glasses configured to only see one image or the other. It's an amazing idea that I found really exciting, not least because it opens up the possibility for sharing the TV for other activities (e.g. one person playing a game and the other watching a movie).

On the gaming front, I also got to go hands-on with Sony's new handheld - and successor to the PSP - Playstation Vita. I'd not been at all interested before having a go on 'Uncharted: Golden Abyss' (see below) which blew me away. Almost PS3 quality graphics and gameplay which, for a fan of the series, makes this console a must-buy.

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