Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Denise Ream: day two of my 'Cars 2' interviews...

Today my chat with 'Cars 2' producer Denise Ream has gone up on What Culture. I had no idea what to ask when I went in for this interview at Pixar's Berkeley base last month, but suddenly I found myself channelling everything I'd read about producers in William Goldman's seminal book on Hollywood Adventures in the Screen Trade. At the end Denise said I'd asked some good questions and I left the whole thing in high spirits!

Check out my review of the film and further interviews with John Lasseter and Emily Mortimer across the spread of this week over on What Culture (formerly Obsessed with Film).

If you missed them, check out yesterday's interviews with first assistant editor Kevin Rose-Williams and character animator Jude Brownbill.

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