Saturday, 12 June 2010

So the football has started...

The 2010 Word Cup started yesterday. Yesterday also marked my first "Flick's Flicks" recording, which (I think) went well. I probably won't be seeing as many films over the next month as a result of the football (and soon the Tennis), but have no fear: I will still attempt to maintain this blog as best I can. Next week I will be watching and reviewing Noah Baumbach's 'Greenberg' and Michael Winterbottom's controversial 'The Killer Inside Me', as well as the upcoming Spannish horror film 'Hierro'.

The World Cup has reminded me of a nice football related film I saw last summer. 'Rudo Y Cursi' was directed by Carlos Cuarón, brother of Alfonso and co-writer of the amazing 'Y tu mamá también', and stars that film's lead duo: Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna. They play two Mexican brothers who attract the attention of a scout at a local amateur football match and go on to differing sucess in the top Mexican league.

The film is not as good as 'Y tu mamá también' and as such critics greeted it with lukewarm reviews last year. However, I enjoyed the film quite a bit. It is really fun and high-spirited and the football is some of the best ever seen in a fiction film, really capturing the energy and excitement of the game. Also, Bernal attempts to use his football stardom to become a pop star... which is pretty funny.

Here is a trailer for the film which only very narrowly missed out on my top ten last year:

It's pretty cheap on DVD, so check it out! Anyway, enjoy the World Cup.

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