Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Competition time!

Just a quick entry here to say that the latest podcast is up on iTunes and should soon be available on the Picturehouse website and on this blog (literally within hours of this post). It's a really good episode as Jon and I discuss 'Kick-Ass', both the premiere and the movie itself. We also talk about Jon's time in Toulouse at the Latin American Film Festival.

Most exciting is the fact that we are offering our first giveaway! It's a copy of last year's disaster-porn-fest '2012' and it's on sparkling, HD Blu-Ray disc for your viewing pleasure. To "win" the film just e-mail me (r.beames@hotmail.co.uk), or Jon, and give us some feedback on the podcast. The best comment wins the Blu-Ray. Enjoy!


  1. Is there any discussion of the new Film 2010 host Claudia Winkleman?

  2. Not yet... that happened after we recorded. Tres strange, no?

  3. Very strange indeed. Though it has definitely made me interested in watching it.

    Regarding Kick-Ass here's a Metro article that has just been brought to my attention that I thought might interest you: http://www.metro.co.uk/metrolife/819435-mark-millar-kick-ass-is-made-by-daily-mail-readers-for-daily-mail-readers

  4. Thanks for that Paul. Great find.